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Warehouse Shelves Customized According To Different USES To Choose

Warehouse shelves don't like grocery shelves can literally do you can put the goods, to people who are buying so many for shelf factory don't have much understanding, were at the time of custom shelves, first should be clear for the shelves we use figure, is used to do what, where, what, how much bearing.

Then, find the assumption that the amount of regulation or the provision of custom, can directly find shelf manufacturers shelf price comparison will correspond to a little cheaper. In contact the manufacturer to clarify your specified shelf bearing and specifications, so manufacturers usually will give to you a reasonable proposal, regulations, ask you to buy the shelves of application is what material, what's the material specification, how to calculate the spending, of course, these are the rules when you want to pay attention to, the amount less, you don't have to so bumps, directly ask to bear.

1. warehouse shelves according to the load weight plate layer can be divided into according to load weight plate layer, light duty shelves | medium duty storage rack | and heavy shelves, Angle steel shelves is a lightweight shelves, mainly used for loading about 100 kg, according to the professional title and attic shelves, cantilevered shelves, the shelf is moved, the pass-through shelves, store shelves, mould shelves, etc.

2. Application methods of warehouse shelves: they are usually divided into supermarket shelves with the back network, supermarket shelves with backboard, customized supermarket shelves and wooden railing shelves.

3. According to the classification of warehouse shelves in terms of use, boutique shelves are mainly used for displaying some daily decorations, while storage shelves are used in logistics or factory warehouses to greatly improve the space utilization of warehouses.

Custom warehouse shelves from Maobang storage rack manufacturer - take loft shelves, for example, loft shelves do not require much attention to classification. It can be divided according to the function and scene of the shelf application. According to the actual regulation of your site and the role to customize, you only need to be divided into what category can be.

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