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When customers contact Maobang support with warehouse racking manufacturer, we will create a unique record file for each customer and each counter. This file is used for all communications, so we can track the progress of each situation.

Terms of after-sales service during and outside the warranty period:

1. Provide customers with perfect design and planning drawings in time and provide technical services;

2. Review customer plans and drawings;

3. After-sales service:

1) After the goods arrive at the site, the customer will count the goods, and if the goods are missing, the solution will be provided as soon as possible

2) Under the leadership of the installation instructor, the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the drawings. If the site is found to be inconsistent with the drawings during the construction, common problems shall be dealt with through consultation with the customer, and the principle of reasonable installation shall be adopted. If the problem is serious or the customer proposes to change the location and method of the device from both sides, the sales engineer must discuss with the customer, and the design department can confirm the reasonable or corresponding reasonable remedy plan before the change can be made. After changing the device, it must be reconfirmed by the customer. (Customized service)

3) After the installation is complete. The customer provides pictures and videos for acceptance, and returns to the company after the customer is fully satisfied and signs the acceptance report.

4) Free warranty within one year after acceptance;

5) After the expiration of the warranty period, we will still maintain the warranty, but we will charge the cost.

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We sincerely understand the application of our customers so that we can provide better services and develop our products in the best direction to meet the needs of the market.

Warehouse Storage Services

Custom Rack Fabrication

Customizing racking shelves is a difficult task. One of the main problems is that there is a disconnect between the layman's statement and the industry's statement. There are many companies that do not explain it well on the customized page. If you really need a custom racking design and creation, this might put you in a bad position. Storage rack is a large-scale industrial storage equipment, which is needed by many enterprise warehouses. Because the price of storage shelves is not cheap, its procurement is a very important task in many companies. If you want to buy high-quality storage shelves, you must choose a guaranteed shelf manufacturer. So how to choose a guaranteed shelf manufacturer?

The first aspect is definitely to compare prices. This is where everyone pays the most attention, because no matter how good things are at inappropriate prices, they are of no value. Therefore, it is very important to shop around. Consult a few shelf manufacturers to choose the racking that suits you best.

The second aspect is quality. Due to the maturity of the shelf industry, everyone's shelf quality is basically the same, but the specifications, thickness and material selection principles of each store are different.

The third aspect is also the after-sales area that attracts everyone's attention. Since things are sold, they must have after-sales service. The most important thing is that the response time is fast, the attitude is serious and responsible, and the solution is feasible.

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