Heavy Duty Rack 500KG

Heavy Duty Rack 500KG

Applicable to manual delivery. Medium-sized shelves are used in various industries, with low cost, safety, reliability, and very simple assembly and disassembly. It can be used alone or in combination with the main and auxiliary racks when installaing all wide span shelving racks.


Heavy Duty Rack 500KG Types

Heavy Duty Rack 500KG Services

1. Made-to-order design

2. Professional CAD drawing

3. Factory direct selling price

4. Timely after-sales service

5. Long warranty period

6. Fast delivery

7. High quality and brand new material

Heavy Duty Rack 500KG Advantages

It is boltless rack for Assembling and installation between construction and shelves
Weight bearable on 100 to 500 kg/shelf
Adjustable height based on your desires
Easy and rather quick assembly process during
Made of high-quality rust-resistant metal

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