Racking And Shelving Site Investigation

Racking And Shelving Site Investigation

Therefore, the company has a high-quality sales team and the technical team responsible for the demand forecast of each project. A high-quality warehousing logistics storage solution can not only maximize the utilization of the company's warehouse but also be more efficient in the process of use. For storage shelves, our focus is to achieve the maximum utilization rate in a limited space, speed up the turnover of goods, shorten the inventory cycle, etc.

The Maobang warehouse racking supplier will first confirm the customer's storage needs, item information, and load requirements, and then determine the most suitable storage system for the customer's needs. Next, the engineers analyze all the environmental parameters, that is, the parameters related to the area where the shelves will be installed, such as the structure of the warehouse, the location of the fire passage, the condition of obstacles, and seismic activity and weather. Finally, where applicable, they integrate different systems into one system to ensure optimal performance.

The scientific and reasonable warehouse shelf storage design scheme can save costs for customers, improve space utilization, and effectively manage the warehouse. A perfect racking design plan is delivered to the customer as soon as possible, which will leave a deep impression on the customer and add points to success. So, what should an excellent warehouse shelf design plan look like?

1. In line with the requirements of cargo storage, the principle of cargo-oriented. The most basic function of a warehouse rack is to store goods. Before designing a warehouse rack plan, it is necessary to understand all aspects of the goods, including data such as shape, size, weight, and whether a pallet is required. The source of these data can be provided by the customer, and can also be obtained by on-site inspections by Maobang designers.

2. The principle of comprehensive understanding of warehouse structure and related equipment. Warehouse structure, warehouse area, warehouse type, warehouse channels, warehouse effective total height, warehouse column position, warehouse floor, warehouse fire-fighting facilities, etc. Related equipment, forklifts, stackers, elevators, etc. It is important to note that the aisles and turning lengths required by the forklift must be understood.

3. The principle of maximizing the use of inherent space and increasing storage space. Usually, before most companies purchase warehouse shelves, their warehouse investment has formed a fixed size. Then, in order to effectively reduce storage costs and maximize economic benefits, this principle is the most important.

4. The principle of effective circulation of goods and effective management. Cargo management methods, carefully listen to customers' management methods for goods, and formulate plans for reasonable placement of warehouse shelves. The way of goods circulation is manual access or mechanical access, aisle position, first-in first-out, whole-in and whole-out, etc.

Find the storage solution that best suits the customer's specific needs. This is the main goal of Maobang in the planning and design phase of the project. Therefore, the company has a highly qualified technical team responsible for forecasting the needs of each project.

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