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The common ones are horizontal and vertical. The horizontal and vertical are mainly for the working surface and entry direction of the warehouse, as shown in the following figure:

Warehouse Racking

As can be seen from the above drawing, regardless of the horizontal or vertical rack layout, the length of the rack is perpendicular to the direction of the main road. Our common warehouse layouts are roughly the same. Why is there such a thousand times the same? First, let's analyze the design of e-commerce warehouses. Its ideas are derived from the design of traditional warehouses. For traditional warehouses, as long as your warehouse is not round, the racks or stacks are perpendicular or parallel to the wall to make the most of the space. When there is an angle between your shelf or stack and the wall, it will inevitably cause a waste of plane space.

design storage solutions

The warehouse layout, even the distribution rules of goods SKUs, and the distribution of orders and other details will affect the efficiency of picking. In addition, it is also difficult to set the optimal picking route for each warehouse shelf layout. It requires merchants to think carefully and choose the warehouse shelf layout that is most suitable for them.

warehouse shelving design

The goods kept in some companies may only be temporarily stored here, but they must also pay attention to certain placement principles. It is impossible to just place them randomly, and it will become very troublesome when they want to move. And it is very likely that there will be damage caused by improper placement and squeezing. By that time, the gain will not be worth the loss. It will not only add a lot of work to yourself, so you should do it when the goods are first delivered to the warehouse. Good placement and layout. Generally, there are many shelves in the warehouse, so you need to make good use of them. Although these shelves look very ordinary, they are very particular in the process of layout and design. Please contact our Maobang warehouse racking supplier to customize a set of free plans for you.

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