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Goods: Spare Parts

Picking way: Manual access cargo

Solution Provider: Maobang storage rack manufacturer

The customer wants to put light duty storage rack in his new 7,000 square meter warehouse to store more goods and get better classification.

The difficulties encountered by customers at that time were that there were many types of items, the packaging was not uniform, the size of the single piece was small, the weight was light, it was difficult to sort, and it took a long time to find products.

According to the customer's pickup method and cargo attributes, we recommend our standard size wide span shelving racks (L2000*D600*H2000MM, load capacity 200KG per shelf).

To solve the problem of inconsistent packaging, the solution we provide is to add a grid baffle to the racks of bulk goods. This way, it can not only prevent the goods from falling, but also distinguish different types of products. For items in boxes, no changes are required. At the same time, add identification cards to the front and back of each row of shelves to facilitate employees to pick.

As a result, the utilization rate of the customer's warehouse reached more than 70%, and the time for employees to pick goods was reduced by two-thirds compared to the original.

Wide span racking is a kind of storage rack, which are distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelves. According to this division principle, the carrying capacity of light duty shelves in all storage shelves is relatively small. Usually, the load capacity of each layer is less than or equal to 500kg/layer (most of the shelf loads are calculated based on the carrying capacity of the layer).

The wide-span shelf is a very economical, practical and convenient warehouse shelf. Because of its light load, it is often called a light duty shelf. The racking is composed of three components: uprights, beams, and laminates(shelf)

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