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The selective rack shelving is the most common kind of racking shelf, which has good storage and retrieval efficiency. Its storage density is low, and the storage items are heavier. Rack selective shelving needs to be used with forklifts and pallets, so it is also called pallet racking. When choosing selective shelving rack for sale, the size and weight of pallets and goods, as well as the number of stacked layers, must be considered to determine the appropriate upright and beam size. In addition, in order to improve space utilization, the width of the passage can be reduced and used with special stacker storage machines to make the storage space vertical, which becomes a very narrow aisle rack(VNA pallet racking).


Types Of Selective Rack Shelving

Advantages Of Selective Rack Shelving

Advantages Of Selective Rack Shelving
01. Selective Shelving Rack has Large Plasticity:

The height of a single column can reach 12 meters. On the basis of rack selective shelving, mold racking shelves, mezzanine rack, high bay warehouse shelves, etc. can be built, and special oil drum racks can also be made.

02. Selective Shelving Rack has Simple structure and flexible access

The selective rack shelving has a simple structure, safe and reliable, and can be adjusted and combined arbitrarily according to the sequence, and the entry and exit of the warehouse is not restricted by the order of items.

Advantages Of Selective Rack Shelving
03. Selective Shelving Rack has Highly cost effective

The selective rack shelving is low in cost, easy to install and operate, easy to find the cargo location, and suitable for any handling tool, like the narrow aisle rack, so it is the most widely used type of rack from selective stack rack manufacturer.

04. Selective Shelving Rack has More secure appearance

to prevent the forklift from colliding, you can also add column foot guards and anti-collision bars for selective rack shelving.

05. Selective Shelving Rack Increase the utilization rate of the warehouse

Selective pallet racking systems can effectively increase the storage height of the warehouse, make full use of the vertical space, and reduce storage and lease costs. This kind of rack selective shelving is suitable for storage and placement of most goods.

Advantages Of Selective Rack Shelving
06. Selective Shelving Rack has Selective Shelving Rack has Strong optionality

the conventional pallet racking can also be equipped with laminates, which can be steel plates, dense ammonia plates or grids, so as to use different sizes of pallets and selective shelving rack for sale.

07. Selective Shelving Rack has Strong load-bearing capacity

The load-bearing requirements of the rack selective shelving can be determined by the thickness of the column and beam specifications, and the load-bearing capacity of each layer can be as high as 8000KG.

The design of selective rack shelving?

Design of selective rack shelving length

1. To understand the specifications of the bulk pallet racking, if the cargo exceeds the pallet, it should be calculated based on the excess size.

2. Generally, each layer is designed to put two pallets, the interval between the pallets and the pallet is 70-100MM (the interval between the high shelf is 100MM, and the shorter racking shelf can be 70MM). If the length of the pallet is small (such as 800MM), three pallets per layer can be considered.

Design of selective rack shelving depth

1. Calculate of selective rack shelving based on the actual size of the pallet width.

2. If the customer requires the addition of support beams, steel plate and plywood and other accessories, the width of the shelf can be designed to be the same size as the width of the pallet.

Design of selective rack shelving height

1. The specific selective rack shelving height depends on the customer's warehouse space and the lifting factor of forklift.  

2. The height must be an integer multiple of 75MM. If not, take a similar value.  


Aisle: Determine the size of the forklift aisle according to the performance of the forklift (such as: working channel, lift, load, etc.).

Related accessories: columns, beams,support beams and other accessories.

Special attention: pallet style, whether the goods are prominent, selective rack shelving size specifications, layer weight, venue, fire protection, etc.

Selective rack shelving, also known as selective pallet rack shelving, is a widely used storage system in warehouses and distribution centers. While there may not be any "hot" or trending topics specifically about selective rack shelving, there are several important and relevant discussions and considerations surrounding this type of storage system. Here are some key topics:

Warehouse Optimization: Selective rack shelving plays a crucial role in optimizing warehouse space utilization and inventory management. There are ongoing discussions and advancements in strategies for maximizing the efficiency of selective rack systems, including layout design, slotting optimization, and inventory control techniques.

Safety and Risk Mitigation: Safety is always a priority in warehousing operations. Discussions around selective rack shelving often focus on safety measures, such as proper loading and unloading procedures, pallet rack shelving inspection protocols, and the use of safety accessories like rack guards, beam connectors, and column protectors.

Load Capacity and Structural Integrity: The load-bearing capacity of selective rack systems and the structural integrity of individual racks shelving are important considerations. Topics related to rack capacity calculations, proper weight distribution, and load ratings are essential to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Automation and Technology Integration: With the rise of automation and Industry 4.0 technologies, there is an increasing interest in integrating selective rack systems with robotic systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and warehouse management systems (WMS). Discussions may revolve around the benefits, challenges, and best practices for incorporating automation into selective rack operations.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact: As sustainability becomes a more significant concern, discussions surrounding selective rack may touch upon eco-friendly practices, such as using recycled materials for rack construction, implementing energy-efficient lighting systems, or optimizing warehouse layouts to reduce travel distances and minimize environmental impact.

Customization and Adaptability: Selective rack shelving systems often require customization to accommodate specific product dimensions or storage requirements. Topics related to custom rack configurations, modular design, and adaptability to changing needs may arise in conversations about selective rack.

What is a selective rack shelving used for?

Selective rack shelving can be utilized for various industries and products. Here are some applications of selective rack shelving for long goods and specific industries:

Long Goods: Selective rack shelving can be adapted to store long and bulky items, such as pipes, lumber, steel bars, and other construction materials. The adjustable beam heights allow for easy customization to accommodate different lengths and sizes.

Garment/Clothing: Selective rack shelving can be used to store garments and clothing items efficiently. With the use of hanging rods or garment racks, it allows for organized and accessible storage, making it easier to manage inventory and facilitate order fulfillment.

Cold & Frozen Goods: Selective rack shelving can be equipped with specialized features to accommodate cold and frozen goods. For example, using wire decking or specialized shelving with perforated surfaces allows for proper air circulation and temperature control in cold storage environments.

Automotive & Spare Parts: Selective rack shelving is commonly used in the automotive industry for storing various spare parts and components. It provides easy access and visibility, enabling efficient inventory management and quick retrieval of specific parts when needed.

Ceramics & Construction: Selective rack shelving is suitable for storing ceramic tiles, bricks, and other construction materials. The sturdy design and adjustable configurations ensure safe storage while optimizing space utilization.

Food & Beverage: Selective rack shelving can be utilized in the food and beverage industry to store packaged goods, cans, bottles, and other non-perishable items. It facilitates efficient inventory rotation and picking processes, helping to maintain product freshness and reduce waste.

Paper Products: Selective rack shelving is ideal for storing paper products such as cardboard boxes, packaging materials, and stationery supplies. It provides a stable and organized storage solution, ensuring easy access and minimizing the risk of damage.

Transport & Logistics Operators: Selective rack shelving is commonly employed by transport and logistics operators to store and manage inventory efficiently. It allows for systematic organization, easy identification, and quick retrieval of goods, contributing to streamlined logistics operations.

Galvanized Steel Pallet in Carton Factory: Selective rack shelving can be combined with galvanized steel pallets to create an integrated storage system in carton factories. It enables efficient storage and movement of cartons, optimizing space and facilitating smooth production processes.

E-Commerce: Selective rack shelving is well-suited for e-commerce operations, where various products need to be stored, picked, and shipped quickly. It allows for efficient inventory management, order fulfillment, and seamless integration with automated systems, enhancing the overall e-commerce logistics.

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