Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack

Pallet racking is the most common racking system in the storage industry. The structure of the pallet rack is simple, and the beams that can support the goods are mainly hung on the left and right sides of the column frame for the storage of pallet goods, also known as the warehouse pallet rack shelving, which you can find in pallet racking company Maobang.

The pallet rack type, specification, and size design are determined based on the packaging and weight of the goods, the frequency of storage and retrieval of goods, and the total storage capacity. The warehouse pallet rackings are usually heavy-duty racks, which can be divided into selective beam racks and drive-in racks. 

Different pallet racks require different types of forklift auxiliary operations.The selective pallet rack is more convenient to store and store goods than the drive-in pallet rack,like the very narrow aisle racking, but the drive-in rack has a larger storage space compared to the selective pallet rack. 

Pallet Rack

Different Types Of Pallet Rack Shelving For Sale

Selective Rack

Selective racking, because of their simple structure, are mainly composed of columns and beams, which we commonly call beam racking. The beam rack is usually used to store heavy goods, pallet goods, and the load can be 300-4500kg/layer; and usually rack accessories such as steel panel, wire mesh or plywood are placed on the beam to facilitate storage of other packaging goods. According to the design warehouse layout, we can also call it single-deep racking and double-deep racking.

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Flow Rack

The flow rack, also known as the sliding rack, adopts fluent strips such as roller aluminium alloy and sheet metal and utilizes the self-weight of the cargo rack to realize first-in, first-out, convenient storage, and one-time replenishment. Multiple pickups.

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Warehouse Pallet Racking Components

Upright frames-also called "upright columns" because they are upright and serve as columns to which beams can be connected. The front of the column has a hole (usually in the shape of a square), and the pin of the beam connector is engaged with it.

Cross beam-a vertical frame connected to both ends, creating a racking system where the pallet rests. Two beams form a rack unit. The beams are available in various lengths and capacities.

Wire mesh decking-as an important accessory, it is often used in pallet racking systems. Its role is not only to prevent the falling of the goods, but also to create a safety measure for the warehouse shelving systems by expanding the surface area, and more importantly, to allow for better air circulation and water flow from the sprinkler system.

Pallet Rack Storage System

Pallet Rack Storage System
Pallet Rack Wholesale

Choosing the right pallet racking system can bring amazing changes for you to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse racking system and save labor costs. 

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A well-designed shelf storage system can make full use of the warehouse's vertical space, increase storage space by 40% or more, and help your warehouse managers and workers adapt to changing inventory needs. 

Cheap Pallet Rack

It is generally difficult to decide which type of pallet rack is best for your operation. Some people choose pallet racking because it is the cheapest, or they think it is the most versatile, but it is the wrong choice for some operations. 

Mobang helps you understand the common types of pallet racking systems and the best applications for each type.

  • Selective pallet racking

  • Double deep/Single deep pallet racking

  • Narrow /Wide Aisle pallet racking

  • Rear shelf/rear push shelf

  • Pallet flow rack

  • Car/Takeaway Rack

  • Rolled cantilever rack

  • Long span/Wide span shelf

  • Roller Gravity rack

What Are The Pallet Rack Solutions?


To design, supply and installation of quality pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions are the service of a good warehouse racking storage equipment company did.


Improving your storage space efficiency, Expanding your range, or customizing a whole new warehouse – Pallet Racking Solutions will design, deliver and install a storage pallet racking system to suit your exact needs.


Well-designed pallet racking maximises valuable warehouse space, and increases access, efficiency and selectivity of stock handling. 


Our end-to-end service offers consulting, supply, installation and maintenance – for safe racking that supports the success of your business. We’ll also de-install, store and relocate your existing racking.


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