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Warehouse Racking System for Food Storage

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Client: Food factory

Goods: All kinds of raw materials for food, such as flour, oil

Picking way: Forklift, pallet

Solution Provider: Maobang storage rack manufacturer

Food raw materials are relatively heavy and are generally used with pallets. When designing a plan, we need to consider the weight of each bag/bucket of ingredients and the total weight and height of each selective pallet rack. The height of the warehouse, the turning radius of the forklift and the ascent height are all important factors in determining the specifications and materials of the shelves.

The big challenge for us in this case is that we need to finish production 350 cubic meters of rack within 10 days. At the same time, the task of installing more than 1,000 sets of racking shelves needs to be completed within 15 days after delivery.

With the joint efforts of more than 300 workers, we not only completed the production plan on time, but also completed the installation task in advance.

The EIGHT advantages of selective shelves:

1. There are many specifications for columns and beams, which can be selected according to the actual application requirements of customers. Selective shelving has the characteristics of strong flexibility, huge inertia, strong load capacity of each layer, and good impact resistance.

2. The uprights are reinforced by posts, cross braces, and diagonal braces with bolts. Column pieces and C-shaped welding beams are inserted to form a shelf frame, which is fixed by safety pins, and the structure is simple and reliable.

3. Simple structure, safe and reliable, and it can be adjusted and combined arbitrarily, and the entry and exit of the warehouse is not restricted by the order of items.

4. Selective pallet racking system can also be equipped with laminates, which can be steel plates, plywood or grids(wire mesh), so as to use different sizes of pallets.

5. It can effectively increase the storage height of the warehouse and increase the space utilization rate of the warehouse. This kind of rack is suitable for storage and placement of most goods.

6. The shape of rack is safer, and to prevent the forklift from colliding, it can also increase the column foot protection and the anti-collision bar.

7. It is low in cost, easy to install and operate, easy to find the location, and suitable for any handling tool, so it is the most widely used type of rack.

8. The height of a single column of the beam type shelf can reach 12 meters, and the rack has large plasticity. On the basis of the selective shelf, mold rack, mezzanine rack, three-dimensional warehouse shelves, etc. can be built.

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