Storage Equipment

Storage Equipment

Warehousing equipment refers to the equipment used in warehousing work, technical devices and machinery that can meet the needs of storing and keeping items, and there are many types. 

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Storage Equipment

Different Storage Equipment For Sale

Steel Pallets

Steel pallets are also called metal pallets or iron pallets. ​It is a horizontal platform device used to place goods and products as unit loads for the container, stacking, handling and transportation.

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Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallet is a logistics unit used with forklifts, shelves and other logistics equipment. It can be used to store, load and transport goods, and is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics warehousing.

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Storage Cage

Warehouse cages (storage cages ) , also known as warehouse cages and butterfly cages, are a very important type of logistics container in warehousing and transportation.

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Stacking Rack

Stacking rack, also known as Qiaogu rack and stacking rack, is a handling and storage equipment derived from pallets.

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Why Choose MAOBANG warehouse storage equipment?

We have all kinds of products category and warehouse shelving systems for you to choose, we can also offer you related products and fashion design.

We have CE certification and ISO9001 Declaration of conformity.

We use thick raw steel and high quality powder coating.

We are willing to provide installation drawings and video instruction for free.

Since 1998,Factory + trade,factory more than 20000m². With over 300 workers, we can meet your large need and offer you fast deliver.

We offer OEM/ODM service with our own strong innovation ability.

What Are The Main Types Of Storage Equipments In A Warehouse?

In a warehouse, there are various types of storage equipment designed to optimize space utilization and facilitate efficient inventory management. These storage equipment types include:

Pallet Racking Systems: Pallet racking systems are the most common and versatile storage solution in warehouses. They consist of vertical uprights and horizontal beams that create multiple levels for storing palletized goods. Pallet racking systems enable easy access to each pallet and can be customized to accommodate different load capacities and storage requirements.

Shelving Systems: Shelving systems provide a cost-effective solution for storing smaller items, cartons, or individual products. They come in various configurations such as boltless shelving, longspan shelving, or wire shelving. Shelving systems are adjustable, allowing for flexibility in organizing items based on size, weight, and accessibility needs.

Mezzanine Flooring: Mezzanine flooring involves adding an additional raised platform or floor within the warehouse. This creates extra storage space without the need for building expansions. Mezzanine floors can be combined with other storage equipment such as shelving or racking systems to maximize storage capacity.

Wire Mesh Partitions: Wire mesh partitions are used to create separate, secure storage areas within the warehouse. They provide a barrier for securing valuable or sensitive goods, protecting them from damage or theft. Wire mesh partitions are flexible and can be easily reconfigured or expanded based on changing storage needs.

Maobang storage equipment factory is a well-known storage equipment manufacturer that specializes in providing warehouse shelving solutions and other storage equipment. They offer a range of products tailored to meet the diverse storage requirements of warehouses, ensuring efficient space utilization and optimized inventory management.

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