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Warehouse Pallet Rack Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty racks usually refer to ordinary beam racks, which have the characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability, and simple and convenient assembly and disassembly. Suzhou Kered Racks believes that heavy-duty racks are a better choice for creating 100% picking warehouses in logistics, warehousing and other fields. It can be based on The height of the warehouse is designed with heavy-duty shelf height to make full use of the warehouse space. If used with a forklift, it can reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve work efficiency.


Maintenance Of Warehouse Pallet Rack Heavy Duty

For the simple maintenance and maintenance of warehouse shelves, the design of general warehouse shelves is relatively simple, so the maintenance and maintenance will be very simple.

The first is the cleaning of the shelves: cleaning is very important for a shelf, because storage shelves are generally placed in the warehouse, and the warehouses of some units are generally rarely visited by people. Only when you need something, will you rush to get it, and then leave in a hurry. So few people clean the shelves. Frequent cleaning of the shelf will extend the shelf life. The cleaning of the shelf does not necessarily have to be washed with water, as long as there is no dust on it. In addition, washing the shelf with water can easily oxidize the surface of the shelf, which greatly shortens the service life of the shelf.

1. Normally, the goods are stored on the shelf after being assembled through pallets, storage cages and other unit container equipment. The load of each unit is generally within 4000kg, and each layer usually puts two units.

2. It is one of the most common and widely used shelves, suitable for most warehouses or product goods.

3. It has the feature of 100% random picking of goods. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any cargo location for storage operations, and storage operations are convenient and fast!

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