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I believe that everyone knows that cloth is in the shape of a roll, which is different from the goods packed in cartons. It is also difficult to access it, which leads to various problems in the warehouse clothes rack. So which type of shelf should be selected for the storage of cloth? Can you improve warehouse clothing racking systems management while effectively saving costs? Can cloth-type warehouses choose beam racks for storage?

In our impression, the beam type rack is to use pallets or storage cages to stack the products and then put them on the shelves. Like cloth, which is a roll-shaped product, many customers will worry about placing them directly on the pallets instead of warehouse storage equipment. Instability leads to slipping. In fact, if it is a larger roll of cloth, it can be placed directly on the pallet, because the cloth is a relatively heavy cargo, because the weight has made it impossible to easily slip off.

However, if it is a small roll of cloth, the editor still recommends that you choose to use a storage cage or a warehouse garment rack to install it first and then put it on a beam-type shelf for storage. Because the small roll of cloth is too light, it is placed directly on the pallet, and the forklift goes up and down. When the goods are shipped, it is easy to cause slippage, but there will be some differences in the cost.

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