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Statement Of Principles For Warehouse Shelf Layout Design

Into a warehouse, keeping the goods here might just temporarily stored here, but also should pay attention to a certain principle, we can't just put, wait to want to carry when they become very troublesome, and extrusion is likely to cause damage, by that time natural the loss outweighs the gain, not to increase a lot of work, so as early as when we send goods directly to the inside of the warehouse, it should pay attention to put the layout, and in most of the warehouse, there are a lot of shelves, so you need to use them up. Although these shelves look very ordinary, the layout and design process is very careful. Lets see what Maobang warehouse rack supplier do for this case.

For example, the width of the shelf should be reasonable, and it is better to fit the goods stored here. If it is too wide, it will definitely cause waste of space, but if it is too narrow, there may be some items that are not stable enough. In addition, the height of the shelves is also very important. If the design is too high, then we need to consider whether there is a ladder to facilitate us to put the items on it, but we believe that most of the warehouses are not lacking. At least the space at the top is worth using, but for the sake of safety, some lighter items are usually placed. On this shelf, the distance between each other also needs to be taken into account.

In a warehouse, it's impossible to put all the shelves against the four walls, so you can leave enough space for more shelves. However, we must pay attention to the distance between them. Firstly, we can make sure that people can easily walk between the shelves so that we can easily check and pick up the items. In addition, many items may be larger than the volume, so we need enough space, otherwise, we may not be able to move them at all. In some warehouses, the area may be large, and the goods placed are disorderly. Forklifts and other tools may even be used, such as in some large supermarkets. Therefore, the distance between these vehicles should be larger to ensure normal passage. 

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