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The client is a well-known logistics company with more than 100 warehouses across the country. The goods stored are in various packages. He wants to install a heavy duty rack storage in the warehouse of a branch in Guangzhou to increase the inventory.

The area of the warehouse is 500 square meters, the average weight of a single package is about 10KG, and there are about 50 packages on one floor. It is small in size and is used to carry goods manually. The auxiliary tool is a mobile climbing ladder. Based on the size of the warehouse, the nature of the items and the handling method, the solution we provide to customers is to use steel rack heavy duty, each with a load of 600KG, a total of 6 layers, and the size is L2450 (inner)*W1000*H2000mm. At the same time, it is recommended that customers add a sign on the heavy-duty racking system so that the pickers can quickly and easily find the goods in different time periods.


A brief description of the heavy-duty beam selective rack:

The heavy-duty storage rack is a professional selective pallet racking system for the purpose of storing and storing pallet goods (each pallet is a storage space, so it is also called a storage rack); the pallet racking is composed of pillars (columns) and beams. The pallet rack shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable. According to the actual use of users: pallet load requirements, pallet size, actual warehouse space, actual lifting height of the forklift, different specifications of beam storage shelves are provided for selection. Check what does Maobang warehouse rack supplier do for this case.

Characteristics of heavy-duty beam selective rack:

1. The structure is simple, safe and reliable, and the combination can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the entry and exit of the warehouse is not restricted by the order of items. It is widely used in the storage mode of pallet storage and forklift storage and retrieval.

2. The column piece is made up of upright columns, horizontal braces and diagonal braces connected by bolts. Column pieces and C-shaped welding beams are inserted to form a shelf frame, which is fixed by safety pins, and the structure is simple and reliable. Each layer can be adjusted freely up and down in 75mm or 50mm steps.

3. The pallet rack system has the characteristics of the large moment of inertia, strong layer load capacity, and strong impact resistance. The maximum layer load of each layer can reach 5000kg/layer under the relative design.

4. The plastic type is very large, and mould racking shelves, mezzanine floor systems, automatic warehouse shelves, etc. can be built on the basis of pallet shelves, and can also be made into special oil drum rack shelves.

5. The selective pallet rack can effectively increase the storage height of the warehouse and increase the space utilization rate of the warehouse. Suitable for storage of various types of goods.

6. The appearance is safe, and to prevent the forklift from colliding, it can also increase the column foot guard and anti-collision bar. In order to make the layer load safer, ancillary facilities such as beam shelving, layer slabs, and mesh span beams can also be placed on the beam.

7. Low cost, convenient installation and operation, easy to find the cargo location and suitable for any handling tools.

8. The selective shelving can also be equipped with laminates, which can be steel plates, dense ammonia plates or grids. In order to use pallets of different sizes.

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