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Heavy Duty Storage Racking System

The boltless shelf is an innovation in the storage industry, which can achieve high loading capacity and stability without the use of bolt connections.

The special design at the connect of the beam and the vertical upright provides high rigidity for this combination, giving the product top quality.

Medium duty racking system, which consists of profiles that meet these load characteristics, as well as medium and heavy duty types with cross beam profiles.

Uprights are drilled across the height to position the load horizontally at the desired height, and the range of beam lengths available can meet all common storage needs.

It is a modular solution that can adapt to available space and storage requirements.


Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Our long span shelves are ideal for areas with limited space or for storing small items in warehouses. The kit has multiple uses, including; home or office storage, storage unit, warehouse storage, etc.

Long span shelves are very cost-effective, can hold 400KG to 3000KG, suitble for most of manual goods. It is also very easy to install it yourself.

The most popular size we carry is 600mm depth, 2000mm width and 2000mm height. Usually people choose to have 4 shelves, which is the price included in the first bay price. Then, you can choose other levels as you need.

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