Stacking Rack

Stacking Rack

Stacking Rack is one of the multi-functional equipment for cargo unit assembly, commodity storage and commodity circulation.


Stacking Rack Types

Advantages of stacking rack

1. Convenient and reliable, can be set together when not in use, and save space.

2. The goods can be stored, sorted and distributed in a planned way. Storage and transportation are convenient and fast!

3. A stacking rack can effectively protect goods from damage during transportation. The safety of the goods is guaranteed.

For more detailed informations about stacking racks, you can contact MBstorage storage equipment company by email.

What Maobang Company Will Provide You: 

A various of warehouse racks, as lightweight layer rack, cantilever rack, pallet rack, mezzanine and work platform;
Over 20 years industry experience in producing, designing, installing storage rack;
Factory direct selling wholesale price;
+20 persons professional technical team;
After sales support for reply within 24 hours;
OEM or ODM services

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