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Storage And Warehousing Services For Long Goods

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Clients: Lumber factory, building materials factory, steel factory, hardware factory

Goods: Lumber, steel pipe, plastic pipe and other long materials

Picking way: Forklift

Solution Provider: Maobang storage rack manufacturer

For storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods, cantilever rack shelf is the best choice. The cantilever can be single sided cantilever rack or double sided cantilever rack. The cantilever rack has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization.

The height of the cantilever rack is usually within 2.0 meters (such as up to 6 meters if accessed by forklift), the length of the cantilever is within 1.5 meters, and the load per arm is usually within 500KG.

The cantilevered rack is mainly composed of upright post, cantilever(arm), connecting beam, base and other parts.

Cantilever length is generally within 1500MM. The cantilever can be adjusted arbitrarily up and down at a distance of 75MM above the column.

The cantilever of the rack, the column and the base are all connected by bolts, and the base is connected to the ground by expansion bolts. The entire structure is convenient and fast to install, safe and firm.

Such cantilever shelves are mostly used in the machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets, etc.

Features of cantilever racks

1. It is only suitable for the storage of long strips or long rolls.

2. It needs to cooperate with the handling equipment with a wide fork distance, such as a side forklift with a large fork distance.

3. The shelf height is limited, generally below 6m.

4. The space utilization rate is low, about 35%-50%.

5. Storage type: long strips and long rolls.

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