Double Sided Cantilever Rack

Double Sided Cantilever Rack

The entire length of the double sided cantilever rack can be used for storage without the front column getting in the way. For added flexibility, loads of different lengths can be stored on the same rack or even on the same floor.

Loads may be handled manually when they are lightweight, or by using forklifts or other appropriate lifting systems when heavy items are involved. MBstorage is one of the leading structural cantilever rack manufacturers in China, we can offer custom cantilever racking solutions and double sided cantilever racks according to your requirements.


Different Types Of Double Sided Cantilever Rack

Double Sided Rack Advantages

1. Double sided rack handling of long/heavy goods with heavy duty cantilever storage racks, faster and conveniently.

2. Double sided rack makes your warehouse neat and orderly.

3. Double sided cantilever rack permits storage of tubes, bars, structural material and other long heavy items that must be kept off the floor.

4. The double sided rack bases can also be used for storage without subtracting from the capacity of the upright.

5. Forklifts can easily load items onto and off of the arms to double sided cantilever rack.

6. If you want to storage longer goods with double sided cantilever rack, you can Add-on unit to your existing unit.

Maobang, a renowned provider of industrial storage solutions, specializes in the innovative Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Rack. This versatile rack system is designed to meet the storage needs of various industries and applications. In this article, we will explore three crucial aspects of Maobang's Double-Sided Cantilever Rack: layout and space requirements, safety features and guidelines, and the installation process.

Layout and Space Requirements for Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Racks

When implementing the Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Rack, specific considerations regarding layout and space requirements are necessary to ensure efficient storage and accessibility. Here are some key factors to consider:

a. Aisle Width: The layout of the double-sided cantilever rack requires wider aisle spaces compared to single-sided racks. Adequate aisle width allows for easy maneuverability of forklifts and other equipment between the rows of racks, facilitating efficient loading and unloading operations.

b. Rack Configuration: The double-sided cantilever rack is designed to be accessed from both sides, necessitating the arrangement of racks in rows with sufficient space between them. This layout ensures safe and unobstructed access to both sides of the racks.

c. Vertical Clearance: Consider the height of the items to be stored when determining the required vertical clearance for the double-sided cantilever rack. Maobang's Double-Sided Cantilever Racks are available in various heights, allowing for customization to suit the specific storage needs of different industries.

d. Space Optimization: The Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Rack optimizes vertical storage space by utilizing both sides of the rack structure. This enables efficient utilization of available space, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking maximum storage capacity.

Safety Features and Guidelines for Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Racks

Safety is of utmost importance when working with the Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Rack. This rack system incorporates several safety features and guidelines to ensure secure usage. Here are some important considerations:

a. Load Capacity: Adhering to the manufacturer's recommended load capacity for the double-sided cantilever rack is crucial. Overloading the racks can compromise their structural integrity and pose safety risks. Regular inspection and monitoring of load distribution are necessary to ensure safe usage.

b. Secure Fastening: Proper installation and secure fastening of the double-sided cantilever rack to the floor or a stable base are essential to prevent movement or instability during loading and unloading activities. Reliable anchoring ensures stability and minimizes the risk of accidents.

c. Clear Signage and Markings: Clear and visible signage and markings play a vital role in promoting safety. Mark the racks to indicate load capacities, safe working zones, and any other relevant information. Prominently display signage and instructions to enhance safety awareness among employees.

d. Training and Protective Equipment: Providing employees with adequate training on the safe operation and handling of the double-sided cantilever rack is essential. Additionally, ensure that they have access to the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools required for safe loading, unloading, and retrieval of items.

Installation Process of Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Racks

The installation process for the Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Rack differs slightly from that of single-sided racks. Here are some key points to consider when installing the Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Rack:

a. Column Placement: Proper placement of the columns is essential to support both sides of the rack structure. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure precise column positioning to ensure stability and load-bearing capacity.

b. Arm and Brace Installation: Follow the provided instructions to install the cantilever arms and bracing components accurately. Proper alignment and secure attachment of these components are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the rack system.

c. Anchoring: The Maobang Double-Sided Cantilever Rack must be securely anchored to the floor or a stable base. Follow the recommended anchoring guidelines to prevent movement or instability during use, ensuring the safety of personnel and stored items.

d. Quality Control and Inspection: Perform a thorough quality control check and inspection of the installed double-sided cantilever rack. Ensure all components are securely fastened, and there are no structural defects or vulnerabilities that could compromise safety.

Maobang's Double-Sided Cantilever Racks provide efficient storage solutions for various industries. Understanding layout and space requirements, adhering to safety features and guidelines, and following proper installation processes are crucial for the successful utilization of these racks. By considering these factors, businesses can optimize their storage capabilities, enhance safety measures, and improve overall operational efficiency.

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