medium duty cantilever rack

Cantilever Racking System For Building Materials

Timber cantilever rack can be single side or double side, with the characteristics of light structure,

good load carrying capacity, single-arm bearing up to 1000kg.

Cantilever shelf is suitable for work with cargoes within loading range

Cantilever rack systems are used for warehousing of lengthy freights or other bulky subjects plastic and steel pipes, profiles, wooden boards, heavy coils. It is specially suitable for Building materials.

Most often such racks can be met on various construction and floor spaces, trade bases, in repair shops.

Depending on tasks you can choose the type of cantilever racks One side cantilever shelf, Two sides cantilever shelf, Cantilever shelf with cross beam, Other customized cantilever shelf

The design of cantilever racks doesn't provide existence of frontal column which are in pallet racks. Works on warehousing are performed here by an aisle truck.

Thanks to frontal access to racks warehouse operations are performed with high efficiency.

In case there is a change like the stored freights, arms of cantilever racks can be easily changed in proportions necessary for loading and unloading.

When you send us an inquiry, if you offer us the following details together, that would be very apprecaited.


What kind of goods will be put on the racking?

Do you have the goods' dimension?

What is the load bearing of each arm?

Do you need one side or two sides?

How many pieces do  you want?

Do  you have the drawing?

Maobang offers custom double sided rack for different warehousing logistics planning and design requirements. Inquiry now!

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