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Galvanized Steel Pallet In Carton Factory

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Customers have always used wooden pallets, but the damage rate is very high, the service life is short, and the overall cost is high. So they decided to try the steel pallet. After confirming the drawings, the customer bought a sample for testing. After the test, the plan was adjusted according to the actual situation. After the second modification, the finished product finally matched the customer's needs 100%.

Advantages of steel pallets:

1. The carrying capacity is the strongest among the pallets.

2. It is 100% environmentally friendly, can be recycled and reused, and resources are not wasted.

3. The surface is treated with anti-skid treatment, and the periphery is treated with edging. The chassis is sturdy, the overall weight is light and the steel is strong. Possess stable packaging performance;

4. Waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof; compared with wooden pallets, it has environmental advantages (such as the capacity of wooden pallets to breed pests).

5. Compared with bulk plastic pallets, it has the advantages of strength, wears resistance, temperature resistance and price.

6. Especially when it is used for export, it does not need fumigation, high-temperature disinfection or anti-corrosion treatment, in line with international environmental protection regulations;

7. Flexible (four-direction insertion design improves the convenience of space utilization and operation invisibly, and its sturdy base plate design is also in line with the use of conveying, rolling and automatic packaging systems), etc. 

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The differences between wooden, plastic and steel pallets

Wooden pallet

Plastic pallet

Steel pallet

Environmental protection

Big damage to environmental protection, the raw material of the wooden pallet is wood, felling wood will increase the severity of the environment.

The damage to the environment in general. A high-power injection moulding machine is required in the manufacturing process of plastic pallets, and the energy consumption is high.

Low environmental damage, the raw material is coiled steel, and the manufacturing energy consumption is also low


The quality is not easy to control. Since wood is a natural material, its quality is affected by many factors such as regional climate. Even if it is the same batch of raw materials, it is difficult to achieve uniform standards in terms of dry humidity and wind cracks.

With the same raw materials, the quality is good.

Good quality


The max dynamic load is 2000KG, the static load is 6000KG

The max dynamic load is 3000KG, the static load is 8000KG

The max dynamic load is 5000KG, the static load is 12000KG

Breakage rate

High, short lifespan, average 200-500 times for turnover

Middle, middle long lifespan,average 300-600 times for turnover

Low, can be repaired, even if it is treated as waste, there is a residual value of not less than 10%.


Can not prevent fire, mildew and insects

Can prevent mildew, and insects, not fire

Can prevent mildew, insects and fire





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