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Raw Material Arms Racking System

Cantilever racking is an essential solution for loads that must have no 'face' no package obstruction, so that hefty and odd sized products can be easily stored and accessed. This type of cantilever racking allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently, you'll never need to clutter floor areas with annoying columns obstructing your storage space again.

You can easily fit these systems within your facility by adjusting the height, ensuring that the most amount of vertical storage space is exploited. The open rows allow secure load support and also easy access, safety, flexibility and selective ability are all maintained to a gold standard.

Maobang heavy duty cantilever racking is your first choice for your warehouse storage.


Highlight Of Raw Material Arms Racking System

1. Cantilever shelf series all adopt combination, disassembly, transportation, adjustment, movement, simple and convenient, safe and reliable.

2. Adjustable column can be used to adjust the spacing between the partitions and increase or decrease the partitions according to actual needs.

3. The space utilization rate can be fully improved to standardize and standardize the management of materials in the warehouse, which can be matched with the stacker or forklift.

It can not only improve the circulation efficiency of materials, reduce storage and transportation costs, increase economic benefits, but also improve the mechanization level of materials circulation, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions.

Wanna to improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs? Maobang double side rack will be your ideal warehouse racking system solution.

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