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Heavy Duty Drive In Right

Drive-in racks are also called heavy duty storage racks or FIFO storage racks. The drive-in rack adopts the pallet access mode, which is suitable for the storage of small varieties and large batches of goods. In addition to the cargo space near the aisle for drive-in racks, because forklifts need to enter the rack to access the goods, it is usually recommended that the single-sided pick-up does not exceed 7 cargo spaces. In order to increase the operating speed of forklifts, guide rails can be selected according to actual needs. Compared with cargo racks, the storage space utilization rate of drive-in racks can be increased by more than 70%. Warehouse drive-in racks are widely used in cold storage, food, and tobacco. industry.


The Advantage Of The Warehouse Storage Drive In Rack

The Advantage Of The Warehouse Storage Drive In Rack
  • The cargo storage channel is also the forklift storage and transportation channel, which is a form of shelf with higher storage density.

  • It is usually used for the storage of goods with fewer varieties but large batches and low requirements for goods picking.

  • Calculated based on the conventional scheme of the lifting height of an ordinary forklift and the number of shelves in the corridor with three layers of goods, the effective storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased by more than 100%. In contrast, the investment cost is controlled and the efficiency is significantly improved. Calculated from the overall storage cost, generally the increased storage capacity benefit can offset the investment cost within three years.

  • The goods follow the first-in-last-out principle, which is suitable for most handling machinery storage and transportation operations.

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