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Adjustable Steel Storage Rack

Warehouse pallet racking system is the most popular and most widely used of warehouse racking systems for many industries the majority of products, goods warehouse and factory warehouse.

They are fully assembled structure, can be freely combined, convenient and flexible installation and removal.

In addition, the shelf 100% selective picking selectable characteristic. Handler storage position can reach any storage operation, convenient storage operation.

Column rolled steel sheet composed by multi-angle, large bearing capacity of the shelf.

To assemble the upstanding structure, steel buckle between beams and columns, and to provide safety latch to prevent falling.

Adjusting the pitch of the column 75mm, height adjustment by commodity.

By a suitable material is stored in a higher position, the position of the space may be used for the purpose of warehouse management classification materials, and used with the truck.


Features Of Adjustable Steel Storage Rack

Features Of Adjustable Steel Storage Rack

Metal industrial storage racks belongs to Selective pallet racking will optimize your space and improve your stock control. Because of the wide range of dimensions, load capacities and accessories, our pallet racking can be adapted to all types of spaces and for all manner of products regardless of their size and weight.

A well designed storage system is dynamic and reduces the overall cost of handling product within the organization. Heavy Duty Pallet Rack is used in Warehouses, Factories etc.

We have rack selective bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Adjustable Steel Storage Rack

01. Feature Of Adjustable Steel Storage Rack

Commodity manual affordable modular storage system.


Quickly and easily extended and adapted.


Standard 1500 and the frame width of 2000 mm, a depth ranging from 500 to 600 mm.


A variety of accessories for a variety of storage.


02. Why Everyone Will Choose Us

Pallet Racking For Sale

We offer a variety of product categories for you to choose from conventional products to OEM and ODM products.

Bulk Pallet Racking

Since 1998, the factory + trade, plant more than 13,000 square meters, the Guangzhou office area of 50 square meters.

China Pallet Racking

We provide with its own strong innovation ability of OME and ODM services.

Pallet Racking Companies

We thick steel and had a high quality coating.

Pallet Racking Suppliers

We offer free installation drawings and video description.

Pallet Racking Manufacturer

Annual production capacity: 15,000 sets of shelves.

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