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Cold Room Food Industrial Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Introduction of heavy duty pallet racking

Pallet racks are used to store unitized pallet goods, equipped with laneway stackers and other storage and transportation machinery for operations. Pallet storage rack uses a free combination method and does not impose restrictions on site area. Factory storage pallet rack is easy to disassemble and move, and the position of the beam can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the height of the article. It is also called an adjustable pallet rack.

Pallet racks, also known as beam racks, upright racks, high bay racking, or high density racking, are usually called heavy-duty racks a. They are the most common in various storage racking systems around the world.


Specifications Of Cold Room Food Industrial Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Company typeFactory with 22 years history
Supply capacity5000 tons per month
Loading portGuangzhou
Payment termTT
Product warranty3 years Load capacity: 300-6000kgs per layer MOQ: 10 sets
Surface treatmentElectrostatic Powder Coating
Delivery date7-15 days for 40GP container
ServicesOEM and ODM orders are welcome

Features Of Cold Room Food Industrial Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Features Of Cold Room Food Industrial Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

First of all, we must determine the type, specification, size of the pallet, as well as the single pallet load and stack height (the weight of a single pallet is generally within 2000kg).

Second, we determine the span, depth, and layer spacing of a single shelf, and determine the height of the shelf according to the vertical effective height of the warehouse and the maximum lifting height of the forklift.

The span of a single racking unit is generally within 4m, the depth is within 1.5m, the shelf height of low and high warehouses is generally within 12m, and the racking shelf height of super-high warehouses is generally within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouses, and the total shelf height consists of several sections. Columns within 12m).

If the span is too long or the height is too high, the material cost will be very expensive, and the requirements for operating tools and operators are very high.

Among the warehouses that meet these requirements, most low- and high-level warehouses use forward-moving battery forklifts, counterbalance battery forklifts, and three-way forklifts for storage and retrieval operations. Electric stackers and stackers for ultra-high-level warehouses can also be used when the shelves are short. Perform access operations.

This kind of racking pallet system has high space utilization rate, flexible and convenient access, supplemented by computer management or control, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems.

We supply selective shelving on-site measurement, program design, on-site installation guidance, rack inspection and maintenance. RFQ!

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