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Industrial Shelving And Racking System Design

Compared with wide aisle pallet racks, narrow aisle pallet racks can maximize floor space and increase pallet storage, thus creating a more effective storage solution, which will creat more profit.

Due to the narrow aisles, special forklift are used, which operate in aisles of 1600mm and can lift loads up to 12000mm. All VNA forklift require a guiding system in the form of rails or steel wires embedded in the floor, which is to make it safe when selecting the pallets.

The advantage of choosing a narrow aisle pallet racking solution is that the aisle width can be reduced by up to 50%, all pallets can be used, and the pick-up speed can be accelerated.


Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Compared with other types of pallet racks, selective pallet racks have several important advantages. As the name suggests, selectivity is one of these advantages.

 In warehouses that store many different products that need to be accessed regularly, selectivity is an important feature of the storage system. With the single deep selective shelf, any pallet in the warehouse can be accessed at any time without moving any other items.

Selective shelves provide another feature that may appeal to any company that pays attention to its bottom line, cost effectiveness. In terms of what the end user pays relative to the additional storage space obtained through the rack, selective pallet racking is usually the cheapest type of racking available.

Benefits Of Industrial Shelving And Racking System Design

  • Immediate access to all pallets.

  • Provide the cheapest rack option.

  • Can quickly move and replenish inventory.

  • Simple inventory management.

  • Ability to reconfigure the beam level to fit the size or weight of the new product.

  • Easy installation.

  • Provide a variety of accessories.

We have rack selective bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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