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Adjustable Warehouse Storage Racking

Adjustable warehouse storage racking is a kinds of warehouse pallet racking, warehouse selective pallet racking system. In the process of using storage shelves, the effect of beam type shelves is very obvious. Its use value is mainly reflected in the operation, which can be combined with the width direction of the warehouse or special structure, etc. to carry out special operations, etc., which can indicate that the beam type rack can be more convenient in the actual operation process. The versatility of customers' deposit and withdrawal of goods is also relatively strong. Under normal circumstances, the use value of beam racks has been truly reflected in many companies, and has also been recognized by customers. Its own flexibility and versatility have made the economic benefits of enterprises effective to a certain extent. Improvement. Shelves have also been widely used in high-level warehouses.


The Advantage Of The adjustable Warehouse Storage Racking

The Advantage Of The adjustable Warehouse Storage Racking
  • Satisfy the larger load-bearing demand, the highest height can reach 16M.

  • Adjust the position of the beam with a pitch of 75 to better meet the requirements of the warehoused goods.

  • If any part is damaged during use, it can be easily replaced.

  • The surface of the shelf has been treated with high corrosion resistance.

  • More accessories and safety accessories can be selected.

  • Assembled rack structure, easy and fast installation.

  • The components are made of high-quality materials, welded firmly, and installed tightly.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with selective shelving, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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