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CE Certificate Stainless Steel Pallet Racking

The selective pallet rack is the most popular warehouse pallet rack system in rack industries. It is designed to move pallets from the floor into the racking system. The optional pallet racking system provides immediate access to store and unload pallets. The selective rack system provides the largest selection of sizes and accessories to meet your exact needs and can be customized for warehouse storage applications.

Heavy duty pallet racks is ideal system for standard storage that require immediate access to products or pallets. Selective pallet racks can provide you with efficient use of floor space and immediate access to all stored products, and can be constructed with structural steel or rolled steel according to your budget and project requirements, all combined what you need with our professional experienced.

Follow our instruction, and you will understand how the selective shelf system works. The optional storage shelf is adjustable, allowing you to change the height of the beam to find the height that suits your load, or to reconfigure the entire system for new or different sized trays. This flexibility allows you to customize and maximize the storage space in the rack system.


Feature Of Ce Certificate Stainless Steel Pallet Racking

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

The selective pallet racking system is mainly used in high altitude warehouses. It is usually necessary to use forklifts, stackers, and trucks to place the loaded pallets on shelves for storage.

In this rack system, expensive and complicated installation is not required, it can be installed easily and quickly without screws.

There are mainly three model of selective pallet racking, single deep pallet racks, double deep pallet racks and very narrow aisle pallet racking, they are used for different purposes in different warehouses.

The single deep pallet racking system is a system for storing single deep pallets. It is the most widely used storage system in the world. They do not have any special requirements on the forklift. It can directly access all pallets in the rack. Compared with the Double Deep Racking System, this racking system is faster.

Double Deep Pallet Rack is a system that reduce the number of channels in any given area by about half. This design can reduce costs and expand capacity without any physical changes to the warehouse, but it has specific requirement on the forlift.

We have selective shelving bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs.

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