double deep pallet racking system

Industrial Storage Shelving Units

Industrial Pallet shelves is one of the most commonly used shelves in the daily warehouse usage, it is a kind of high shelves, which can freely choose the goods stored in any seat on the shelves, and also easy to remove and carry. Pallet shelf beam height can be adjusted according to the needs of the height of goods.

The biggest advantage of using industrial pallet racks is to save storage costs and provide a safer working environment for employees.

Storage racking system is to maximize the use of all the space in the existing warehouse area, especially the warehouse with a relatively large height. When there is no shelf, the items can only be stacked together. This not only increases the difficulty of access, it is easy to topple, cause damage to the goods or casualties, but also waste vertical space.

We have selective shelving bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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