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Factory Storage Pallet Racking

The pallet racking system provide support for the pallet racks to ensure that the shelves have sufficient support for the weight of the products stored on them, and that they will not bend or cause unsafe conditions. Material are made of thick powder coated steel, which are more stronger, durable and anti rusty.to improve strength and durability. Warehouse rack beams are available in multiple lengths and are suitable for almost any warehouse layout and product combination.

Warehouse rack beams provide a safe warehouse environment and help prevent safety issues and inventory damage. The correct beam allows you to store the goods in a safeway, while having full access to material handling equipment.

With many accessories enable selective pallet racking systems to change as quickly as warehouse logistics requirements. This not only saves costs in the long term, but also reduces future downtime.

The selective pallet rack system is best deployed in storage and distribution facilities, where there are a large number of SKUs, frequent inventory changes, and even small parts stored by manual stacking.


Characteristic Of Factory Storage Pallet Racking

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Selective pallet racking is a versatile storage solution-both for initial use and future warehouse reorganization. The simple design allows the rack to be used in many ways providing 100% SKU selectivity and covering light and heavy loads.

elective pallet rack components are also essential for several other storage solutions, such as push back, pallet flow, press-in and carton flow.

The core selective racking system can contain up to three parts: structural steel vertical truss, beams and anchors.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with selective shelving, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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