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Logistic warehouse selective storage pallet racking is a professional warehouse rack, as for storing pallet goods (each pallet is a storage unit, client will put the goods on the pallet, so it is also called pallet position rack). heavy duty selective rack is composed of uprights (columns) and beams, and the beam type. The selective pallet racking structure is simple, safe and reliable.

Maobang provides storage solution according to customers’ warehouse condition, such as the weight of pallet with goods,size of the pallet, actual warehouse space, and actual lifting height of the forklift, size of the warehouse and packing method and goods.


Finished Of Heavy Duty Selective Storage Pallet Racking

Finished Of Heavy Duty Selective Storage Pallet Racking

In the process of using storage shelves,  warehouse selective pallet racking will explain how it operate the warehouse effectively. It mainly reflected in the operation, which can be combined with the width direction of the warehouse or special structure, etc. to carry out special operations, etc., which can show that the beam type rack can be more convenient in the actual operation process. The versatility of customers' deposit and withdrawal of goods is also relatively strong. Under normal circumstances, the use value of pallet racks has been truly reflected in many companies, and has also been recognized by customers. Its own flexibility and versatility have made the economic benefits of enterprises effective to a certain extent. Improvement. Shelves have also been widely used industrial warehouses.

Selective pallet rack is the most common warehouse storage racking system in our daily life, as it can enlarge vertical space, enhance the use rate of the floor with its competitive price.

Which warehouse racking is better and how to choose?

Which warehouse racking is better and how to choose?

Learn about specific after sales related issues. We needs to consider what after sales service capabilities they can provide? Is it possible to help users solve a series of problems encountered when using hands and warehouse racking in a relatively relaxed state? If you can, choose it, if you can not, you will lose more and more in the end.

Therefore, you can understand that buying warehouse racking is not so easy, you must consider which warehouse racking are better and more suitable for you. After you find them, you can explain your actual needs to the other party, and you can buy a warehouse shelving system that is very suitable.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with single selective racking, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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