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Vna Pallet Racking

What Is Vna Pallet Racking System

Vna pallet racking system, also called as very narrow aisle pallet rack systems. In this system, pallet are set closer than other pallet rack solutions because they are using side loading forklifts to load and unload. It is a storage system to make the passage narrow and ensure efficient use of storage space. Maximize product storage and warehouse space. The width of the VNA aisle is normally 1.6 to 1.8 meters, providing 44% more floor space than the optional pallet rack system.

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Vna Pallet Racking Customer Cases

Vna Pallet Racking Customer Cases

Very narrow aisle racks are usually called VNA pallet racking system, which are an effective way to increase the storage capacity of pallets in a given area and have the advantage of selective racking. 

The system requires a special forklift, which can reduce the aisle space by at least 40% compared with traditional forklifts. The system still provides 100% product selectivity and uses vertical space to store pallets.

The rack manufactures various standard components for the VNA rack system. We produce welded and bolted trusses with four basic columns. This combination provides us with 50 standard frames of different depths and heights. 

Our patented standard beam can be used in various channels with different lengths. This allows us to flexibly design solutions that meet customer needs. Our non welded bracket connection and drift pin bolted connection provide a mechanical interference fit, and its performance and strength are unmatched with standard welding brackets.

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01. Features And Benefits Of Vna Pallet Racking

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