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Wide Span Racking

MAOBANG (Factory+Overseas sales department)

Treatment with electrostatic spraying and acid phosphating treatment, is solid in construction and anti rust in appearance.

Load capacity:100 to 500kg /layer (or customized)

Size for reference(mm) Customizable size and color

(Different thickness,size,layers,and colors are available for you options.)

 It can meet the needs of storage and centralized management of large quantities of goods and a wide variety of goods. It can also achieve orderly storage and handling with mechanical handling tools.


Specifications Of Wide Span Racking


What Maobang Company Will Provide You

Warehouse Shelving Systems

A various of warehouse racks, as lightweight layer rack, cantilever rack, pallet rack, mezzanine and work platform.

Warehouse Shelving Units

Over 20 years industry experience in producing, designing, installing storage rack.

Warehouse Storage Shelves

Factory direct selling wholesale price.

Warehouse Storage Shelving Systems

+20 persons professional technical team.

Warehouse Shelving Layout

After sales support for reply within 24 hours.

Warehouse Shelving Storage

OEM or ODM services.

Features of light duty storage shelves

Warehouse Shelving For Sale

Can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity and expand the warehouse.

Buy Warehouse Shelving

Convenient storage and storage of goods, FIFO, 100% selection ability and smooth inventory turnover.

Warehouse Shelving Price

The goods on the shelves of the warehouse are clear at a glance to facilitate the counting, division, measurement and other very important management work.

Still not find the solutions for your warehouse racking system, Contact Maobang for custom medium duty shelves

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Industrial Wide Span Shelving
Wide Span Shelving Use Warehouse
Wide Span Shelving Use Warehouse
Customized High Quality Wide Span Racking
Customized High Quality Wide Span Racking
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