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Wide Span Warehouse Storage Solutions

Wide Span Warehouse Storage Solutions belong to the long span shelves and widespan storage racking.. It is a collection of industrial shelves and commercial shelves advantages in a mixed storage system. Widely used in logistics, medicine, catering and other places.


Specifications Of Wide Span Warehouse Storage Solutions

Product NameWide Span Warehouse Storage Solutions
TreatmentWith electrostatic spraying and acid phosphating treatment;

solid in construction and anti rust in appearance.
Load capacity100 to 500kg /layer (or customized)
Size for referenceDifferent thickness, size, layers, and colors are available for you options.
Layers1 to 4 layers (layers can be adjusted)
FeatureCorrosion protection, easy to assemble and dismantle
Teams of paymentT/T

Light - duty rack adopts screw - free modular design, easy to install and disassemble.Suitable for storage of some light small goods, is a kind of laminate shelf.The structure of the light shelf is the same as that of the medium, which can be disassembled and assembled together, and the height can be adjusted freely with the spacing of 5cm. However, the material specification is relatively small, and the bearing capacity is relatively small, so the price of the light shelf is relatively economic, and the structure of the rack should be stable and firm.Suitable for storage of light and medium goods, manual access occasions.

It Consists Of four basic Components

Warehouse Racking Cost Per Square Foot

Column: cold-rolled steel structure is adopted for the column of the large-span frame, and the bracket is in the shape of butterfly.

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Longeron: the longeron of a long span frame is used for fixing columns.

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Beam: used to fix ordinary metal plate so that it does not collapse.

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Laminate: storage goods.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Wide Span Warehouse Storage Solutions

01. Advantages Of Wide Span Warehouse Storage Solutions

The number and width of layers can be adjusted according to the actual situation.


Ideal for different types of goods.


Strength and stiffness of all steel structure.


Suitable for storing large or heavy items.


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