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Box Storage Shelves

Box storage shelves are also called light duty shelf, widespan racking, longspan racking.

Box Storage Shelves racks with rather simple design are very stable, and their multifunctionality makes it possible to use such systems practically for all applications from storage of large size cargoes to box and other goods.

Light duty shelf is a kind of storage shelf with steel panel. They are distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelves. According to this division principle, the carrying capacity of widespan racking in all storage rack is relatively small. Usually the shelf load is less than or equal to from 100kg to 500kg per layer (most of the shelf loads are calculated based on the carrying capacity of the layer).          

The widespan racking is composed of three components: column(frame), beams, and laminates(Steel panel). The light-duty rack adopts a screw-less combined design as a whole, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble. Suitable for storing some light and small items, it is a kind of laminates shelf racking system.


Features Of Box Storage Shelves

Features Of Box Storage Shelves
  • Sprayed painted steel construction for easy assembly and movability.

  • Adjustable height based on your desires.

  • It is boltless rack for Assembling and installation between construction and shelves.

  • 0.25 to 0.5 mm shelves or customized.

  • 100 to 500 Kg. loading capacity.

Our Services Of Box Storage Shelves

1.Made to order design

2.Professional CAD drawing 

3.Factory direct selling price

4.High quality racks or shelves

5.Timely after sales service

6.Long warranty period

7.Fast delivery

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