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Cost effective Storage Racking System

Light duty rack is also called light weight storage racking shelf, widespan rack or longspan rack. The Light duty rack is made of high quality cold plate and Q235B steel. It is assembled by one-time roll forming by an automated rolling mill. The light shelf column adopts a butterfly hole design. No tools are required for assembly and splicing. Each layer can be adjusted up and down with a 50mm pitch.

Storage racking system is one kind of hybrid storage system that combines advantages of f industrial shelving and commercial rack. The only drawback is it cannot be loaded by forklift machine. But this does not affect its application in various industries. It is widely used in logistic, pharmacy, catering industry, and any any place where there has goods.


Specifications Of Cost effective Storage Racking System

TypeLight duty long span rack
Loading capacity100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg for each layer, not the whole rack
Upright specification70*35MM
Beam specification60*40MM
MaterialHigh quality steel
ApplicationExpress, logistic, pharmacy, kitchen etc
FeatureCorrosion protection, welded frame, easy to install
Components:Upright Frames,Channel supports, Step Beams,Foot Plate, Safety Pin
ServicesOEM and ODM racks
Layer2 to 5 layers or customized
CertificationCE ISO9001,SGS

Characteristic Of Cost Effective Storage Racking System

Industrial Racking System Manufacturers

The number of layers and the width of each layer can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Industrial Warehouse Racking

All steel construction for strength and rigidity.

Automated Warehouse Racking System

Ideal choice for different types of goods.

Heavy Duty Industrial Racking

Suitable for storing large or heavy items.

High Bay Racking Warehouse

Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Small Warehouse Racking

Cost effective.

Metal Warehouse Racking

Space saved.

Parts Of Widespan Racking

Parts Of Widespan Racking

Column(upright): The standard 2000MM column is made of C-shaped steel, 3 horizontal braces, and 2 diagonal braces welded together. The triangular structure is not easy to deform, making the shelf more supportive;

Crossbeam: P-shaped steel, used as the support of the shelf shelf, the design of the hanger is easy to disassemble, the distance between the two layers can be adjusted freely

Laminates(Steel panel): Laminates are made of high-quality cold plates, cut, bent, and welded to strengthen ribs. The surface is pickled, phosphated, and electrostatic sprayed, which is beautiful, durable, and durable.

Why Would Everyone Choose Us

1. We have a wide range of racking system and steel pallet for your choice;

2. We have ISO9001, CE certification, even verofied by SGS group;

3. We use thick steel and guarantee high coating quality;

4. We provide installation drawings and video instruction for free;

5. Month production capacity: 6000 tons;

6. Since 1998, Factory trade,factory more than 12,000m², more than 300 stuff;

7. We offer OEM ODM service with our own strong innovation ability.

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