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3 Layers Mezzanines Rack Floor

Model NO. 3 layers mezzanines rack floor

Weight capacity: 100 500kgs/Level

Color: Blue/as Your Requirement

Transport Package: Wrapping Film

Material: Cold rolled steel

Origin: Guangzhou, China

HS Code: 7308900000

The Mezzanines floor racking system increases floor space in warehouses and bulk warehouses. With Mezzanines flooring, you can double the area of the warehouse space or more.

The 3-layer middle shelf floor can triple the existing warehouse space, saving up to 80% of the additional cost.

The 3-story mezzanines rack floor can create more usable space in the warehouse by adding a second or third floor.

It can be customized according to your exact area, height and load requirements.


Details Of 3 Layers Mezzanines Rack Floor

Create new production, office, storage or assembly space, parts department, storage room, record storage, work platform, distribution center, etc.

After professional design and design, it can meet all building codes.

The bottom shelf supports the upper platform, and the second shelf is arranged on the platform.

Design of 3-layer mezzanine shelf floor:

Robust steel structure

Base frame: It is composed of 2 welding areas and 5 shelves.

They consist of a pair of brackets that can be inserted into each rack to connect to the next basic rack.

Each extractable cassette can hold up to 2,000 loads

Standard color: blue frame, orange beam.

No overload on the mezzanine floor

The calculation of load demand is usually based on uniform distribution, but

Some companies use the heaviest points on the mezzanine floor and use the entire structural steel as the foundation

The requirements of this measure.

By avoiding heavy loads, structural steel requirements can be reduced and costs can be saved.

If you have to place heavy objects on the mezzanine floor, you can change the design so that

Each part is classified to control costs, or to effectively distribute the load to each area.

Wanna to improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs? Maobang mezzanine storage rack will be your ideal warehouse racking system solution.

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