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4 Layers Arms Cantilever Rack

Ideal for light to medium weight loads, cantilever racks are specially designed for items of different lengths. Made with columns or horizontal beams, these racks offer stability with multiple arms, so the loads can be placed easily. This racking system is ideally designed for oversized, bulky loads, including plasterboard, steel and plastic pipes, PVC carpets, and so on.


Features of 4 Layers Arms Cantilever Rack

The reason why many of the warehouses prefer light duty cantilever racks in China is the multi directional forklift, which helps in utilizing storage space quite smartly with easy material handling.

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The cantilever structure consists of upright columns with one or two horizontal beams at the base to provide stability. A series of arms are attached to the uprights, on which the load is placed. These are made of hot rolled metal and can be attached to the upright at variable heights. Loads can be stored on one or both sides of the racking.

What information we need

What information we need
  • What kinds of goods would you want to store?

  • What is the loading capacity per arm?

  • The size of your warehouse.

What we will do for you

  • According to the weight of each layer,select the suitable size storage racks for you.

  • Design a Professional CAD Drawing for your warehouse.

  • Professional engineers help you to build your storage racks.

  • Follow up the case, record the entire process, deal with your after sales service at first time;

  • Record customer respond, suggestion, requirement for better services.

  • We provide knowledge on about safe operations,how to use&how to take care of your racks.

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