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4 Tier Metal Racking Long Span

The light duty long span shelf is a very economical, practical and convenient warehouse shelf. Because of its light load, it is often called a light-duty racks. The racking is composed of three components: uprights, beams, and selves. The wide span shelving racks adopt a screwless combined design as a whole, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble. The structure of the light-duty shelf is the same as that of the medium duty rack. It can be disassembled and assembled by itself. The height of the floor can be adjusted freely at a distance of 7.2 cm. However, its material specifications are relatively small and the carrying capacity is relatively small. This kind of light-duty shelf is relatively economical in price and relatively versatile in structure. Angle steel shelves should be stable and reliable.


FAQ Of Long Span Shelf

Are you a factory or China warehouse rack suplier?

We are a warehouse rack supplier with more than 23 years of experience.

What certificate do you offer?

ISO9001, SGS Certificate.

What is the raw material of your products?

The raw material of steel code is Q235. Other kinds of steel is also available to your requirements.

How about the quality guarantee period?

It is 3 years!

What about the lead time for the mass production?

Generally speaking, 3-7 days, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.

Could you produce according to customers design?

Sure, as we are well experienced in Storage Racking Solution, OEM or ODM is available, our professional engineers will help you on the project.

What is your production capacity?

6000 Tons per month. Our company covers an areas of 20,000m², with work team over 200 employees devoted exclusively to design, manufacture and implement material handling equipment and systems.

The Features Of Long Span Shelf

The Features Of Long Span Shelf

1. Fully assembled structure, easy to combine, install and disassemble at will.

2. The cross-section of the rack material is optimized, and a variety of pipe materials are selected to improve the bearing capacity.

3. There are wooden boards and steel plates for choice of laminates. The height of the column is provided with an adjustable hole spacing every 72mm,  warehouse shelving and racking can be adjusted between layers according to the height of the goods.

4. The surface treatment adopts polishing, surface rust removal, oil removal, electrostatic powder spray treatment, and can be sprayed according to the color specified by the customer, which has the advantages of beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, and easy to clean.

5. Less capital investment, widely used in factories, shopping malls and other storage needs.

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