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Adjustable Pallet Rack System

On the supporting guide rail, pallets are stored in depth direction, one after the other, which makes high-density storage.

Adjustable Pallet Rack System is also called double deep storage pallet racking or heavy duty racking system. They are very popular of each country.

We offer everything from a single pallet rack to a complete warehouse storage and racking system.In addition, our design experts can help you optimize the space, thereby increasing personnel throughput and reducing operating costs, and solve material handling and storage problems.Our design experts provide warehouse storage solutions to enable your warehouse to run at maximum efficiency.This includes spatial planning, design and layout.

There are many materials of beam rack, including wood, metal, steel and other materials, with interlayer in the middle, which can be selected according to the nature of the industry.

Pallet shelf layer can be determined. The number of pallet shelves can be determined according to the warehouse room height and the height of each pallet. First layer without beam, tray placed directly on the ground.

We have rack selective bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.


More Details For You To Know Maobang Adjustable Pallet Rack System

01. Advantages Of Adjustable Pallet Rack System

High utilization rate, flexible and convenient access.


It is the most commonly used, economic, safe one of the shelves, selectivity up to 100%, suitable for all types of warehouse.


Pallet rack system can also be composed of a variety of storage methods.


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