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Cantilever Wood Racking Lumber Storage Solution

Suitable for long loads of varying lengths, weight and depth

Simple and resistant structure

Reduce handling time and enhance efficiency of inventory management

Ideal for long item


Ideal For Long, Irregular And Mixed Loads

Ideal For Long, Irregular And Mixed Loads

Designed to maximize your storage space while giving you easy access to your products. With cantilever racking, you can work with the greatest efficiency and safety. The cantilever racking system is ideal for storing your long, irregular and mixed loads.

Guangzhou Maobang Storage Equipment Co., ltd has been supplying pallet racking and warehouse storage systems right across world since 2009.

We understand how important warehouse operations are for business success. It's why we source quality materials to help keep your products safe and organised, leaving you free develop your storage space with confidence.

Whether you're looking to modify your existing racking or are starting with an empty warehouse, our racking can help you create a safe and efficient storage environment for you and your staff.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with single sided rack, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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