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Commercial Attic Floor Rack

Commercial Attic Floor Rack

1. Your warehouse storage space will be increased if build mezzanine racking system

2.No need to weld by yourself because it is bolted system

3. Installation work is easy and simple

4. Loading capacity can make it up to 1000kg per square meter

Still not find the solutions for your warehouse racking system, Contact Maobang for custom mezzanine racking


FAQs of Commercial Attic Floor Rack

What Is The Load Capacity?

The use of mezzanine floors extends the load-bearing capacity. If you want to build a mezzanine floor for an office, then 300 kg per square meter is sufficient.

Different options require different load capacities. Welcome to contact me for more detailed information.

Fire prevention of Commercial Attic Floor Rack?

Building regulations cover fire-resistant floors and sandwich floors, depending on several factors that may not require fire-resistant floors. Don't worry, we will advise whether the floor needs such protection, including special requirements such as firewalls, ceilings and sprinkler systems.

What about handrails of Commercial Attic Floor Rack?

For health and safety reasons, handrails are required on all exposed edges of the mezzanine floor. Depending on the purpose of the floor, you may decide to choose standard industrial or functional handrails that are more suitable for retail or office environments. The armrests can also be customized to suit the aesthetic requirements of the company's brand and customer-facing floors.

How about Stairs of Commercial Attic Floor Rack?

We design unique stairs for each floor, the number of stairs required will depend on the size and design of the floor. Please check our stairs page for more guidance.

You can be sure that your project will be taken care of from design to installation, and our in-house expertise enables us to provide the best quotation and customer service.

More Details Of Commercial Attic Floor Rack

01. The Advantages Of Commercial Attic Floor Rack

Mezzanine floor size can be customized according to your specific warehouse condition


Can be fitted in any warehouse that need better storage solution, Clear material arrangement


Easy and quick to get the goods


The cassette can be loaded with a crane or forklift, Good material inventory overview


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