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Commercial Pallet Shelving

Product Feature and Specification

The selective pallet racking is a professional warehouse rack for the purpose of storing goods through the pallet. Each pallet is a storage unit, so it is also called a pallet position rack; the pallet racking is composed of uprights (columns) and beams, and the structure of the pallet rack is simple ,safe and reliable. According to the users actual usage and specific details, such as pallet load requirements, pallet size, actual warehouse space, actual lifting height of the forklift, different specifications of selective pallet racking are provided for selection.


Advantages Of Commercial Pallet Shelving

Features Of Commercial Pallet Shelving

Features Of Commercial Pallet Shelving

1. Normally, the goods are stored on the beam after being assembled through pallets, storage cages and other unit container equipment. The load of each layer can reach 1000kg to 5000kg, and there are usually two pallet positions on each floor, this is the most cost effective solution for pallet racking.

2. Heavy duty pallet racks are one of the most common and widely used shelves, suitable for most warehouses or product goods.

3. Industrial pallet racking have 100% random picking characteristics of goods. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any cargo location for storage operations, and storage operations are convenient and fast!

4. Selective pallet racking are stored with mechanical handling equipment.

5. The length/width of the beams are generally within 4m, the depth is within 1.5m, and the shelf height of is generally within 12m.

6. Pallet racking can be free adjust the height of each layer in each of 75mm.

7. The design of heavy duty pallet shelving layer can load 1 ton to 5 ton, surface is powder coated or electrostatic sprayed. They are waterproof, anti rust and corrosion, high safety factor, and most importantly, assembly is very convenient, and fully utilized the space area and enhance storage capacity.

We have single selective racking bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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