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Drive Through Racking System

Drive-in racking system can be designed to store 2 to 10 pallets deep to provide maximum use of space and is frequently used in cold room storage. Working on the Principle of ‘First in Last Out’ (FILO), it is particularly used to store very large quantities of the same product. 

Drive Through racking system works on ‘First in First Out’ (FIFO) principle, separating the loading and picking aisles for efficient handling, therefore higher throughput. Suitable for pallets that are date sensitive.


Features Of Drive Through Racking System

Features Of Drive Through Racking System
  • suitable for high density, homogeneous product storage.

  • stock rotation 30% selectivity.

  • cost effective.

  • easily expandable.

  • decreases the possibility of product damage.

  • independent stacking and retrieval with drive through racking.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Drive Through Racking System

01. Drive Through Racking System Features

High rate space utilization; almost twice higher more than that of Pallet Racking.


Usually storing less variety and large quantity goods, and less demanding on the goods picking.


Drive in Rack is less stable in structure, so the height cannot be too high(in 10m); and the unit pallet weight is not more than 1500kgs.


First in Last out; it is suitable for forklift operation.


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