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E-commerce Warehouse Catwalk Storage Rack

Details of E-commerce Warehouse Catwalk Storage Rack

By using the MAOBANG multi-layer shelf system, the storage and selection of small and medium-sized commodities will be easier and more cost-effective. This system is particularly beneficial when there is sufficient room height. It can be accessed through stairs, lifting platforms and loading doors, and safety handrails are installed in the exposed areas of the platform. The shelf level can be decorated with steel decorative panels or plywood. Various types of floor decoration materials can be used: ordinary steel plate, checkered steel plate, extended grid or grid grid.


Company Information Of E-commerce Warehouse Catwalk Storage Rack

Maobang owns a very efficient factory, which is supported by our whole sets of advanced & classic working machines. And our new production technology make it possible for our six workshops work together for Modularization. From Rolling Forming, Welding, Sheet Metal, Powder Coating, and Packaging. We can manufacture 500 tons warehouse racks every month.

Advantages Of E-commerce Warehouse Catwalk Storage Rack

Warehouse Racking Company

You can get additional space without expensive building extensions or costly moving warehouse.

Warehouse Racking Supplier

Quick and easy to be installed.

Industrial Racking System Manufacturers

Easy unassemble and rebuild at another location.

Industrial Warehouse Racking

Ideal for multi tier mezzanines.

We have warehouse mezzanine racks bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

FAQ Of E-commerce Warehouse Catwalk Storage Rack

What makes you different with others?
  • 1 Our quality

We have a complete quality inspection, every product will have strict quality control before the factory, to ensure that the quality of the products delivered to you are qualified products 

  • 2 Our production

Our production can be visualized, and we can send videos to you at any time, so that you can know the production progress and master the production process in real time. 

  • 3 Our Special Export Design

We pay very much attention to the export packages. We have plastic clips on the beams to protect the beams from surface damage in the transportation, We have got the whole uprights wrapped with transparent plastic film.

  • 4 Our Export Experience

We are a manufacturer which wholesales storage racks in large quantity for over 20 more years.

How do you ensure your product and service quality?

All our processes strictly adhere to IS0-9001 procedures Raw material inspect

First Production Confirm--Painting inspect--Full inspect before packing. And we have 3 years quality warranty against BL issue date.

How to install the racks?

You will get detailed install instruction for the rack you custom. We can also through the video, live demonstration of the installation process, which do not understand, can be repeated until you can successfully install.

What is delivery time?

This depends on the product. Typically standard products are delivered within 20 days.

The delivery time of the special products is according to the time of setting up of the tooling.

What is the term of payment?

T/T payment.

If we find your bank account different as before, how

Pls dont send the payment and double check with us before arrange payment.

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