30 pallet rack
24 wide pallet rack uprights
pallet rack beams

Heavy Duty Industrial Cold Room Storage Racks

Company type: Factory with 22 years history

Supply capacity: 5000 tons per month

Loading port: Guangzhou

Payment term: TT

Load capacity: 300-6000kgs per layer

Surface treatment: Electrostatic Powder Coating

Certification: CE/ISO9001/SGS

Delivery date: 7-15 days for 40GP container

Services: OEM and ODM orders are welcome

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FAQ Of Heavy Duty Industrial Cold Room Storage Racks

Why we need selective pallet racking for our warehouse?

Although the pallet rack storage systems does not have a high storage density of drive in racking system, it has relatively low requirements for the variety and specifications of the items placed, so it is quite common. The height of the pallet rack can theoretically extend upwards without restrictions, but the general recommended height is within 12 meters. Pallet racks have flexible access to goods, unlike through racks, which can only follow a first-in first-out and first-in-last-out method. It can pick up goods flexibly without being restricted by the order of inventory.

What's better about the beam pallet shelf than other warehouse rack?

Pallet racks have smaller restrictions on the specifications and shapes of goods. Unlike cantilever racks, which are only suitable for long items, pallet racks can be used with items of any shape. Generally, the goods are placed on pallets, and then the pallets are placed on the beam. The use of forklifts to store and retrieve goods has a simple structure, with beams and pillars as the main components, and the pillars are connected to the ground to carry the longitudinal force of the shelf.

The Characteristics Of Pallet Storage Beam Racks

The Characteristics Of Pallet Storage Beam Racks

1. The pallet rack is composed of four major components: column, horizontal brace, diagonal brace and bolts.

2. The requirements for pallet racking in different occasions are definitely different, mainly because of the needs of the venue, we can set the size of our column and beam specifications according to the needs of customers. Pallet racks have the characteristics of large moment of inertia, strong layer load capacity and strong impact resistance.

3. The plastic type of pallet racks is very large. Attic racks, three-dimensional warehouse racks, etc. can be built on the basis of pallet racks, and they can also be made into special oil drum racks.

4. In order to be safer and prevent the forklift from colliding with the pallet rack, you can add foot guards and anti-collision bars. In order to make the layer load safer, ancillary facilities such as beam shelving, plywood, and mesh span beams can also be placed on the beam.

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