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Heavy Duty Storage Rack Selective Racking

Many companys would like to store goods on pallets. The forklift can help them to handle the pallet goods easily and conveniently.

Heavy Duty Storage Rack Selective Racking would pick up this job. Heavy Duty Storage Rack 

Selective Racking is widely used as it is applicable to most storage requirements, access to every pallet stored freely.

MAOBANG can provide you a wide usage range of parts for selective rack. It can meet your small and large need.Load capacity 800kg per layer to 5000kg per layer are available.


Description Of Heavy Duty Storage Rack Selective Racking

Description Of Heavy Duty Storage Rack Selective Racking

1. Bolt construction: easy assembly, small space for shipping.

2. Ultra-resistant: made of high quality durable materials including Cold-rolled Steel, and anti-rust coating. Ready to endure many years of use.

3. Can take full advantage of your space: It can transform your workshop, garage or any workspace thanks to the adaptable and large dynamic storage capacity of this warehouse rack

4. Large storage capacity: It can support a maximum load of 5000 kg per layer. There are non-slip feet for optimal safety and security for your staff and the cargoes you place there.

5. Adjustable shelves: easily adjust level height make it possible to perfectly adapt them to objects of various sizes.

Choose Maobang selective shelving, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

More Details For You To Know Maobang Heavy Duty Storage Rack Selective Racking

01. Advantages Of Heavy Duty Storage Rack Selective Racking

Various load capacity can be optioned. From 800 kg per layer to 5000 kg per layer. Size can be customized, too.


Increase High density storage space, So that you can increase more than 80% of the warehouse space utilization.


The goods on the pallets can be free in free out. It would be more convenient than some racking systems.


Forklift can access each pallet directly. It is easy to handle.


02. Why You Should Choose Us

Pallet Rack Beams

1.We have a wide range of product category for you to choose, Customized products ar available. We can offer you all kinds of warehouse storage equipment.

Pallet Rack Decking

We have CE certification. Our products are texted many times before packing.

Pallet Rack Divider

We use thicker steel and high powder coating quality. The thickness of powder is 80-100 um. It would protect the material from getting rust.

Pallet Rack Drum Cradle

We will provide you installation drawings and video instruction for free.

Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Annual production capacity:30000 sets of shelves

We offer OEM/ODM service with our own strong innovation ability.

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