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High Quality Industrial Drive In Pallet Rack

It is suitable for storing large quantity of goods with less types,goods of batched working and small range of selection. The goods are stored on the support guide rail with the pallet one after one after another in the direction of depth,increasing the storage density and space availability. It is quite convenient for fork truck drives into lane directly to store or take out the goods.

Drive in racking is an often used and dense storage system. Compared with normal pallet racking, it has more space utilization. Forklift need to drive though the aisles to pick up and load goods. Goods are stored and moved out from the same side, or done from the opposite side in accordance with the FIFO principle, which is especially suitable for standard goods units.


Specifications Of High Quality Industrial Drive In Pallet Rack

Loading WeightLoading Weight: 800 to 1000kg/pallet;
Height:1500 to 8000mm, Wide/Depth:1000 to 1500mm, Length:1500 to 3200mm
Special size also avaliable to specific storage needs.
Upright section:90*65,120*65,1.5,2.0mm
Main Parts Specs
Beam Section: box beam 80*45/100*45/120*45/140*45/160*45,etc,Thickness:1.0/1.2/1.5mm,etc.
Horizontal diagonal braces, upright footplates, safety locking pins, bolte nuts, anchors and all necessary components
MeterialHigh quality coll rolled steel,Q235
PackageTermAir bubble pack, PE stretch film for keeping free from scratch

Drive in Racking feature Of High Quality Industrial Drive In Pallet Rack

Drive in Racking feature Of High Quality Industrial Drive In Pallet Rack

1. Large loading capability: 100kg to 2000kg/each pallet. 

2. The forklift may drive in the channel of racking to place and fetch pallets. 

3. Low capital cost using conventional handing equipment. 

4. Very high utility ratio of the warehouse. 

5. Can first in first out or first in last out. 

6  structural steel construction for durability.

7. Pallet positions configure from 2 to 5 deep and 2 to 5 high deal for roofing.

8. Finish: Powder coating and various color be available. 

9. Suitable for storing few type of goods with large quantity. 

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