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High Quality Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

High Quality Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor Systems and Raised Storage Platforms / Areas are installed within buildings or warehouses, built between two permanent original floors. The structure is usually free standing and can be easily dismantled; then relocated and rebuilt, or even sold.


Specifications Of High Quality Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Product nameHigh Quality Warehouse Mezzanine Floor
Length(mm)3000600010000Customized Size
Width(mm)3000800010000Customized Size
Height(mm)300030006000Customized Size
Load Capacity250kg /SQM500kg /SQM1000kg /SQMCustomized load capacity
Upright90*60*1.690*60*1.890*60*2.0Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*1.6100*45*1.5120*45*1.6Can be Customized

Features of High Quality Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Warehouse Storage Racks

Large clear space for vehicle/equipment storage.

Warehouse Storage Racking

Custom made to suit requirements.

Warehouse Storage Racks For Sale

Cost effective double level office, retail of workshop.

Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturers

Optional safety gates, railings and stairs easily added.

Application Of High Quality Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Application Of High Quality Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

A Raised Storage Area / Mezzanine Floor is also an efficient and logical method to provide additional storage area out of an unused space.

The additional floor space created can be used for applications such as general storage, light assembly work, and offices, while still allowing full use of the area underneath.

Structural Mezzanine Floors a very heavy duty, yet a cost effective flooring system, and will not only create additional space but will also provide an additional structural floor level for any purpose.

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MAOBANG is among the leading storage rack suppliers in world, which will assist you with the simplest and cost effective way of building a storage space, containing all the modern and safe pallets racking system. You can store anything from small goods to big equipment and sanitation materials with the maximum use of storage space available.

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