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Industrial Adjustable Storage Rack

Industrial adjustable storage rack is also called 4 layer long span shelf system and wholesales price mobile racking.

We have the largest number of shelf production lines in China, with products all over the world, and many orders from Fortune 500 companies. In the industry, we are also the domestic factory with the most shelf production patents, and our quality and price are also the best.

The machine has basically realized automation or semi-automation. For example, in the rolling mill used for shelf material forming, the display panel has already been controlled by PLC, as shown in the figure below:

Realize the linear automatic management of the product production process, and realize the online judgment management of the product quality, to prevent the unqualified products from flowing into the next link.

In the quality management, the online computer is used to automatically determine in time, and the finished product is re-inspected before the warehouse. Our factory has also passed the ISO9001 quality management system and has an annual inspection every year.

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