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Industrial Heavy Duty High Bay Shelving Racks

The warehouse pallet shelving is a industrial pallet racking with a wide range of use on the market. Its excellent carrying capacity and convenient disassembly structure make it suitable for various types of warehouses and can store various products. Therefore, many companies are very satisfied with this shelf. 

When designing industrial pallet shelving, you only need to leave enough passages according to the size of warehouse forklifts. When warehouses store goods, they can cooperate with forklifts manually, which greatly improves the efficiency of employee inventory.

1. The column is formed by 22 rolls, and the beam is formed by 24 rolls. The profile is beautiful and the bearing capacity is strong;

2. Plug-in assembly structure, safe and stable, simple operation, fast installation, the height of 75MM can be adjusted up and down;

3. Functional accessories such as partitions, steel laminate (wood laminate), wire mesh layer and other functional accessories can be installed according to the characteristics of the storage unit container equipment. Satisfy the storage of goods in the form of different unit container equipment;

4. When the column and the beam are connected, a special designed safety pin is equipped to ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external force;

5. With 100% random picking characteristics of goods, direct access to goods (first in, first out);

6. Equipped with mechanical handling equipment for storage operations, convenient and convenient.


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Benefits Of Industrial Heavy Duty High Bay Shelving Racks

Benefits Of Industrial Heavy Duty High Bay Shelving Racks
  • Great solution for storing long and bulky products.

  • Can store much more products with high storage capacity, because of innovative and versatile design.

  • Made up by high quality steel, durable and work well.

  • Maintenance free, sturdy and long lasting, Easy to be build up.

  • The beams are adjustable.

  • Widely used in factories, yards, warehouses.

  • Being customized, it can be designed as per customer specifications.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with single selective racking, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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